Access is the new Ownership

So you have 3 weddings to go to this year, all of them are in the same friend group, what are you going to wear? Our options are so limited, you can try to find something you haven’t worn before in your closet (unlikely), you can try to ship something internationally (so expensive and sometimes a little unreliable), or you can head out to Cerritos or Edison (such a pain, no guarantees on styles and designer names).

What if we told you that you had another option though? The option to rent an item for an upcoming event. Yup, rent designer Indian clothes, online. While traditionally yes, most Indian clothes are made to fit, there are a ton of new styles these days that can be worn on multiple frames. We’ve carefully curated styles that can be worn for various occasions, on multiple sizes and are excited to announce Pull The Ramp!

The concept is not new, people have been renting clothes for years now, especially for special events because we all only ever want to wear an item once. Why spend $500 on an outfit for a night, and then deal with cleaning it, and storing it? 

If you’re hesitant about sizing just reach out to us at, a stylist will work with you directly to find something that will be perfect for you!

Friendly reminder

Please do not iron any of the garments as the fabric and embroidery is very delicate. Your item will arrive steamed and wrapped in tissue paper, however, if there are wrinkles please only steam lightly.