How does it work?

  1. Find it: Filter by color, designer, occasion, and more to find what’ll work best for you. We have tons of dresses from multiple designers and will continue to carefully curate pieces based on client feedback.
  2. Reserve it: Choose a delivery and return date and rent for either 5 or 8 days.
  3. Receive It: The garment will be delivered via UPS to your home, office or hotel by 8pm on your delivery date
  4. Enjoy It: Try the garment on, take a bunch of photos be sure to hashtag us!
  5. Return It: Returns are free, Returns are Easy! Just place your item(s) back in the provided packaging – swap out the shipping label on the top with the pre-paid label we’ve included for you. Take the package to a UPS drop box near you. We’ll handle the dry cleaning and all!

What if I accidentally stain or damage the item?

Accidents happen, it’s part of life. The $5 insurance fee covers minor damage. However, significant damage and theft are not covered with insurance. If the item is damaged beyond repair, the fee is the retail price of the item. If the item is never returned then the fee is double the retail price of the item.

When will my garment arrive?

Deliveries are made between 8 am and 10 pm during Monday – Saturday. We will provide you with tracking information once your item has been dispatched so you can see where it is.

When should I make a reservation for a dress?

You can book an item up to 3 months in advance, we recommend having your item shipped to you 1-2 days before your event.

Are signatures required for delivery?

We do not require a signature, it is however up to the carrier’s discretion as to whether they feel the package is safe to leave at an address without someone available to sign or accept the order.

Do you Ship to P.O. Boxes?

No, at the moment we do not, you will need to provide a valid residential address – or company or hotel.

Do you Ship Internationally?

No, right now we only ship within the continental United States.


How does sizing work?

Right now we have standard sizes for items – we are slowly building out our inventory and will offer multiple sizes for each style.

What if I need to iron the item?

We steam all of our items and wrap them in tissue paper before sending them to you, if you still feel like you need to iron please ONLY use a garment steamer. Some of the fabrics are very delicate and cannot be ironed.

What if I’m having trouble with the zipper?

Zips will be zips, if you’re having a little bit of difficulty with it, take a bar of soap or a solid candle on the track – it may help the zip move easily.

Can I tailor my garment?

No, we do not allow any alterations to our items.

What if my rental end date falls on a holiday?

UPS is closed on certain holidays and we account for that. You can still take your return packaging to a UPS drop box location over the weekend however if you prefer to just drop it in the store as long as you return it by 12pm on the following day (after the holiday) you will not be penalized for returning your items this way.

What’s your Late Fee Policy

  • If you end up returning your items late, or don’t return them at all, a late fee of $50 per day will be charged to the credit card you used for the order (or to any other card included on your account.) You’ll be charged up to 100% of the retail value of the products you ordered, plus applicable sales tax. The late fee is in addition to the rental fee of the products.
  • The late fee is payable for each order that is not returned when due, not for each product. So, if you order two items you will be charged $50, not $100.
  • If you don’t return your item within 20 days of the return date then we will assume that the rental is a non-return and your card will be charged the maximum late fee, less any fees, plus applicable sales tax that you’ve already paid.
  • We love making our customers happy and meeting their expectations by providing the perfect customer experiences – this begins with an on-time delivery. When an item isn’t returned to us on time, or if it’s lost or stolen, it impacts our ability to deliver on our guarantee to our customers and ends up hurting our business. Because these items are irreplaceable, we can’t purchase additional products to fulfil orders due to late returns.

Anarkalis are gaining popularity quite rapidly because they’re so easy and comfortable to wear. It is typically made up of three pieces including a long tunic top that generally has a lot of pleats and can even sometimes be worn as a dress, slim fitted pants almost like leggings, and a chunni or scarf.


A lehenga is arguably the most fun Indian outfit to wear. You can twirl around in it and when you drop the lehenga or cape, you are just able to move around easily. A lehenga typically includes three pieces. There’s a long skirt or the lehenga, a blouse, and a chunni or in some cases a cape – depending on the style.


The most well known of Indian outfits, the sari is a 9 yard long piece of fabric that is wrapped around your body. It typically includes three pieces. The pettycoat which is a long skirt that the sari is then tucked into, the blouse, and of course 9 yards of fabric. The beauty of saris is that you can honestly dress them up or dress them down to wear to any event – you can take a simple sari and accessorize it appropriately for a casual summer party, or a wedding.


Otherwise known as a salwar kameez, a suit is a traditional piece of clothing that includes three items. Pants, a long tunic top, and a scarf or chunni. This is a style that you typically wear for more casual occasions.

Friendly reminder

Please do not iron any of the garments as the fabric and embroidery is very delicate. Your item will arrive steamed and wrapped in tissue paper, however, if there are wrinkles please only steam lightly.